Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

Same tune...

A neighbour from my course just called me because of an urgent problem... Apparently he's trying to complete the assignment as well... Freaking 1337 h4k3r... Couldn't figure out, how to complete a task of inputting 3 numbers and reordering them in the growing order... Asked me to look at his 200! line code-monster and tell him what's wrong...

Mutants... And in a week or two he'll be bugging me with the same old "how the f8ck do you plan to finish this semester if you continue to skip lectures? Don't F'n count on me to help you out!" Why do they keep breathing?

Edit: Now he's IM'ing me and asking to send him my code! Trickery! And I did explain him how it's done when I was at his place >_
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