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Shadow the Ninja infiltrates Orgrimmar!

Every night our hero Shadow the Ninja goes out into the city to cause havoc and destruction... Today's story goes like this...

First I showed them my superior Ninja Skillz!

Then I mesmerized them with my superior Ninja Dancing!

No Undead can resist the the Thriller!

Accidentally - I found Master Yoda right in the middle of the town!

After my lesson I convinced Warchief Thrall to join me in my evil schemes

I combined my Mad Ninja Skillz with my Dark force powers to set people on fire!

You won't believe me, but there are green people in Orgrimmar!

I wanted to celebrate my deeds with a beer, but unfortunately this stubborn fleabag insisted that opening beer bottles with his hooves was against the teachings of Mother Earth...

Nothing like sunbathing in the morning sun...

Unless you run into some drunk pervert that is...

The night is full of discoveries!
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