Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

The bastard who wrote my timetable deserves to be shot, revived, and shot again!

It appears that I'm suddenly not as enthusiastic about about my modules as I was a week ago... 2D Graphics lecture and practical suggest that if I want to actually learn something - I have to do everything on my own, lectures are meant to create an illusion of education only. Games architecture and design might or might not be fun, will depend on what happens next. So far it appears that we'll be working with Macromedia Director this semester. Very very similar to flash, therefore I should have some sort of an edge there. Concepts of AI are proving to be a point-blank shot in the head at the moment... Decided to skip today's lecture and do some work myself...

Need to buy the bloody books as well, the only real way to learn something it seems... I might end up spending up to 200 pounds... Uhhh...

I think I caught a cold as well, and unless it turns out to be fatal, it guarantees some bonus misery a few days >_
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