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Ok, I deleted the post I was meaning to post here, instead - a brief… - Eldoran: Shattered Images — LiveJournal
Ok, I deleted the post I was meaning to post here, instead - a brief summary.

*Whine about the comp, which seems to be falling apart as I type.
*Whine about how Blizzard once again decides to screw the dedicated regular players to draw new customers with shiny new features.
*Whine about how the HL2 Mod development project in the Uni becomes more and more of a joke.
*Whine about sleep pattern and 9AM lectures.

So, that should pretty much sum it up...
In other news, it would seem that programming is not meant for me this semester, shouldn't be a big problem, as long as I pass the module with a minimum grade. Can't "acquire" Visual Studio.NET to begin with, hard to download. The first attempts resulted in realising that most of the files which claim to be "it", are actually gay porn with wrong extension, good thing it's pretty easy to weed those out. The next few attempts resulted in an Italian and a Spanish version, closer, but still not exactly what I need. The problem should fix itself soon though.

Hmm, need to run now, see ya later.
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