Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

Teleportation made easy.

The first thing you have to take into consideration, is where you want to end up, and whether it'll be easy enough to come back, if you wish to do so. The most comfortable place to begin the process might actually be your own room.

You begin the process by stopping time. This step might be a bit tricky, and you'll definitely need some practice. Many try to do it by staring at the clock, and trying to make the second arrow slow down. Really not a good approach. Working with a clock without the second arrow, or in fact the minute arrow wields much better results, however, not satisfactory enough. The trick is to gradually build your awareness of time. You all knows how it works behind your back, the moment you forget about it - you allow it to run loose. Make sure there are no moving things around (they make the process more complicated), relax (it is advised to sit or lie down), and try to follow the flow of time. Once you manage to catch up with it - it will have no place to run to any more.

The process of deportation's involves bending the space around you, and to do so in normal circumstances, you'd have to rely on the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is not something anyone can or wants to deal with, and aside from that - it's not the dimension you'd really like to rely on. Instead - a much more simple approach had been developed. Removing the 3rd dimension from the calculation (it had been proven that anyone can easily survive relying on only two dimensions, and with some practice - only one) and using it as a bending point is a simple and safe alternative to using the 4th one. You begin the removal process be selecting a wall, which you don't particularly like(be sure to leave the wall with the door to the very end), then - you remove it. Many like to feel in the emptiness with some texture, personally - I prefer some of the salter shades of purple. Next you bend the room by connecting the edges of the two remaining adjacent walls. Assuming your room was previously a cube - you should find yourself in a triangle shaped cylinder at this point. Now you remove another wall, along with the floor and the ceiling. Once you connect the edges of the remaining two walls - you should find yourself in a 2D version of your room. The feeling of being flat needs some time to adjust to, but you shouldn't encounter any major difficulties. Do practice to move around and operate objects. Avoid accidentally moving through objects especially at high speed, try moving between an object instead.

The last part is pretty simple, pick a place between your room, and a place where you want to get, bend the distance between them, and walk through the door.
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