Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

Meh, for one of the projects I'll have to submit a working version of Pacman made in Director...
The programming is a bit uncomfortable, the whole script goes through a loop an infinite amount of times, therefore instead of making loops for repeating stuff - I have to break my neck trying to make the stuff that needs to be executed once do just that. Declaring global variables in at least a dozen different places is sort of stupid as well. If I won't redeclare a global variable, already declared in the main script, in a behaviour script for something - the value will reset every time the script will try to modify it. Just weird :-/
Got some sort of a maze and some behaviour patterns done, Pacman himself is sort of running, though navigation will have to be redone.
Now the funny thing was when I tried to make the ghost actually move, instead of chaotically jumping around like a mad chimpanzee during a mating season... Copied the movement script from Pacman, replaced the keyboard input with coordinate comparison, divided the ghosts into two groups, preferring difference axiss... Sounds simple...

Bloody bastards spread out, surrounded the area, locked in on me, CORPSE CAMPED me into minus several thousand lives, and then the comp hanged O_o

Back to the drawing board...

Oh, and btw, some concept are!

Edit: Semagic keeps annoying me with "your password is easy to guess" messages... Is something very similar to "atyjvtyfkmyj" that easy to guess?
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