Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

Remind me to never ever ever leave all my assignment work till the day I have to submit it. I won't listen to you, but still, do remind. Last week I spent the whole night before the exam to learn what I need to learn in OpenGL programming, do the assignment, submit it, and attend the exam. Most probably passed, cause the bloody thing actually compiled and worked as intended, colours were a bit weird, but since the examples were B/W - I can't take be held responsible for using yellow and purple.

No exam tomorrow, yay to that. Two assignment submissions. Meh. Need to learn everything I should've learned during the last 2 months of AI concepts, write some weird program and document it. Documenting is the worst bit, it's not enough to just explain what I wrote, how does it work and so on, I'm supposed to make some pointless diagrams, charts, pictures, use-cases... When we were studying System Modelling last year - we were shown a 20+ page example documentation for the process of making tea... And it didn't even include the historical background of the Chinese tea ceremony... Bloody data-flow diagram for making tea...

The data overflow is sort of fun though, sometimes, when reading large block of text, the brain sort of hangs up, and I feel as if I'm not reading stuff on the monitor, I'm reading stuff on the other side of the monitor. It's as if I see the stuff upside down and mirrored, and it's coming from somewhere much further then the screen. I think I can even rotate around myself. Doesn't last long though, as soon as I notice that shit is starting to happen - it stops. Neither really awake, nor really asleep, just awesome. Attention span is also messed up. Some image or sound in the room may attract my attention, and I keep staring it it's direction for several minutes, then I snap out of it, try to get back to work, and realize that I can't focus on it for 5 full second without trying to eat, drink something, checking the mail, forums or LJ, staring at the clock, turning the lights on/off or some other random time-consuming nonsense...

Anyway, time to get back to work, roughly 7-8 hours left.

Edit: Goody, goody! I think I'm starting to see spider-like shadows at the corners of my eyes! :)
Edit2: Damn it, I've checked 5 times over the last hours, and LMF still haven't released the final episode of GitS - SAC: 2nd GIG. May the boiling shit-pits of Hell know no bottom for when their time comes!
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