Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

Random whining...

AI assignment 1...
So we have lectures, we studies computer logic there. Probably some of the most boring hours I've had in the last few months. And then, the assignment came. We were given a task to write a sort of game with a prolog interpreter...

We were given a program to interpret code, which greeted us with a "SWI-Prolog comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANT" written in extremely small, barely readable, and highly unfriendly font, a .pdf book as a manual, a task to complete, and a deadline.

Now that most of it is behind me, I believe I can reflect on this whole thing.

The lecturer, apparently, never actually read the book he had given us. He didn't toy around with the program too much either. The book is written for a different program, although similar in nature, had to do a fair bit of googling to make most of the stuff to work. All the pictures, charts, and such are missing from the book. Consult Figure 3.1 my ass! Many predicates which are used in example code are reserved by the actual program I use, and will quite simply not work. You don't get an error message when you run the program you wrote, you won't get one when you'll try to use the function you just wrote, but it'll quite simply refuse to work. You'll spend hours smashing you your head into the wall and trying random things before you'll get it to work. Quite a few examples in the book seem to have never been tested at all. Seriously, how can someone post broken code in an educational book? Good thing I can consult a non-existing Figure 4.3 to find out what it has to do, in order to figure out what's wrong with it... Last year the java lecturer was giving us program examples which didn't work, this year it's code in the books that doesn't work, what's next? Compilers which compile any code into a "Hello World" program?
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