Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

A certain person spent several years of service in Osaka and then returned home. When he made his appearance at the local bureau, everyone was put out and he was made a laughingstock because he spoke in the Kamigata dialect. Seen in this light, when one spends a long time in ado or the Kamigata area, he had better use his native dialect even more than usual.
When in a more sophisticated area it is natural that one s disposition be affected by different styles. But it is vulgar and foolish to look down upon the ways of one's own district as being boorish, or to be even a bit open to the persuasion of the other place's ways and to think about giving up one's own. That one's own district is unsophisticated and unpolished is a great treasure. Imitating another style is simply a sham.
A certain man said to the priest Shungaku, "The Lotus Sutra Sect's character is not good because it's so fearsome." Shungaku replied, "It is by reason of its fearsome character that it is the Lotus Sutra Sect. If its character were not so, it would be a different sect altogether." This is reasonable.

Вырезано из Hagakure.

Прикольно читать как на таком маленьком казалось бы островке в 17 веке сознательно заботились о сохранении культурных различий. Вот когда у нас всё мешается как в стиральной машине, как-то особо и не замечаешь. Обязательно нужно что-то действительно колоссальное, как наплыв мусульман на Англию, чтобы заметить что что-то уже не то. А с другой стороны если не хочешь жить в полной изоляции - по другому нельзя. Досадно.
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