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Трижды УРА Финам! - Eldoran: Shattered Images — LiveJournal
Трижды УРА Финам!
Приятно знать что человечество не стоит на месте и стремится к лучшему :)

А ещё меня чё-то приспичило запостить основные правила крикета из Хичхайкеров... Наверное из за постоянных проскоков которые я испытывал во время голосования.
В общем вот:

Brockian Ultra-Cricket, described as "a curious game which involved suddenly hitting people for no readily apparent reason and then running away", is a fictional sport from the novel Life, the Universe and Everything, written by Douglas Adams. The sport is first named in the first novel; the name comes from Jonny Brock, a friend of Adams's.

Its rules (as told from the book) are as follows:

Rule One: Grow at least three extra legs. You won't need them, but it keeps the crowds amused.

Rule Two: Find one good Brockian Ultra-Cricket player and clone him off a few times. This saves an enormous amount of tedious selection and training.

Rule Three: Put your team and the opposing team in a large field and build a high wall round them.

The reason for this is that, though the game is a major spectator sport, the frustration experienced by the audience at not actually being able to see what's going on leads them to imagine that it's a lot more exciting than it actually is. A crowd that has just watched a rather humdrum game experiences far less life-affirmation than a crowd that believes it has just missed the most dramatic event in sporting history.

Rule Four: Throw lots of assorted items of sporting equipment over the walls for the players. Anything will do - cricket bats, basecube bats, tennis guns, skis, anything you can get a good swing with.

Rule five: The players should now lay about themselves for all they are worth with whatever they find to hand. Whenever a player scores a 'hit' on another player, he should immediately run away and apologize from a safe distance.

Apologies should be concise, sincere and, for maximum clarity and points, delivered through a megaphone.

Rule Six: The winning team shall be the first team that wins.

It is said that the rules of Brockian Ultra-Cricket are so controversial that the civilisations which play it spend more time in a state of war over their interpretation than they do actually playing the game; it is mentioned that the rules are so lengthy and complex that the one time they are collected in one place for reference, a black hole was formed out of their mass. It is believed that "in the long run, a good solid war is less psychologically damaging than a protracted game of Brockian Ultra-Cricket", so this may be a good thing.

Mood:: ЖЖот!

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espejo From: espejo Date: May 20th, 2006 10:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
pozdravliaju! :)
sir_eldoran From: sir_eldoran Date: May 20th, 2006 10:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
2 Shadows Roam , Poke Me