February 14th, 2007



13 дней не пил. Надо по этому пооводу выпить. Будит вдохновение - чего-нибудь напишу.

Всех с наступающим Новым Годом!
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Hold the line

Happy Valen's Day!

Each year, on this very day we celebrate the memory of Valen, a Minbari not born of Minbari. He was our a saviour and an inspiration to us all. In Valen's name!

"I welcome you and present this place to you as a gift.
I am called Valen, and we have much work ahead of us"
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Пью чай. Зелёный. С ложкой.
Понравилось. Буду пить дальше.

Смотрю документальный фильм про Джона Ленона.
По этому поводу вспомнил стих:

Ленон - это весны цветенье,
Ленон - это Победы клич.
Славься в веках, Ленон,
наш дорогой Ильич!

Second Life

Weee, I'm posting in English.
Well, as part of our latest bizarre Uni group project we get to work on a game application. Some Uni related environment working with 4 tools of our choice. Second Life, Multiverse, Thinking Worlds or write our own using renderware available at the Uni. Will have to choose one and use it for one of the possible tasks.

Had an informal meeting, agreed that we're all miserable failures at programming and narrowed the choice down to 3 options. Got the clients for the 3 games, toyed around a bit to get an idea what they're all about, wrote down what we need and what we have. Now we kind of need to figure out which is the easiest to work with and go on from there.

Spent the evening playing second life. Just a bit over an hour to create a skinnier, yet much less handsome, anthropomorphic personification of myself. Tried exploring what's there. Scary. Two hours walking around, and all I saw were women's clothes shops. Everywhere. I think there may have been a furniture shop. But there were clothes in there too.

Tried creating items. Pretty annoying. All I work with are geometric primitives, some of the most basic operations and a few textures. The most annoying thing is that once you create one piece of the item and start working on the second one - the first one disappears into your inventory. While you get it back out - the second one is gone as well. I really need to find someone who has a better idea about this whole thing. Couldn't really create anything remotely complex. Still, after walking around, I found a few pretty amazing things done. People probably spent weeks making them. It would take an hour in 3D Studio, but there's no way to import anything but textures. I suppose if you give people a life-time supply of matchsticks and lock them up in an empty room...

In any case. Why I decided to post this crap anyway. There's an in-game radio which plays this and that created by the players themselves. The commenter was announcing the songs and their authors all the time, so I assumed that it's only player created music there. Last hour, when I logged in, there was some pop crap playing. Then it switching to some death metal thingie singing something about god abusing and molesting people or whatever. Pretty weak song, just two instruments and a female singer who was heavy smoker since 11. Not to mention lyrics written by a 13 year old. And after this... I hear something familiar. Something I actually have in my playlist...

If I let you,
You would make me destroy myself
In order to survive you,
I must first survive myself
I can sink no further
and I cannot forgive you.
There's no choice but to confront,
to engage you,
to erase you.
I've gone to great lengths
to expand my threshold of pain.
I will use my mistakes against you
there's no other choice.
I'm shameless now,
I'm nameless now,
I'm nothing now,
I'm no one now,
But my soul must be iron,
'Cause my fear is naked
I'm naked and fearless
and my fear is naked

Bottom. By Tool. I never thought I'd ever meet a person who enjoys Tool. I really never thought I'd ever hear the band on the radio. I definitely never thought I'd have to play Second Life. Or walk between shelves of women's clothes for hours. And somehow, it kind of feels perfectly natural. It's as if it was supposed to be like this. Working as intended. This is probably what I get by sitting at the screen until 8Am. Good night.
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