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The same freakish crow-like sound was bothering me tonight. Then it… - Eldoran: Shattered Images — LiveJournal
The same freakish crow-like sound was bothering me tonight. Then it was followed by heavy rain with thunder and a ghoulish whistling sound in the old chimney in this house. I thought it was filled with cement years ago. Guess I was wrong.

Was bored yesterday and joined a crappy social networking website that shall not be named. Lots of people I know seem to use it, so I decided to take a look. A complete waste of time, but one could argue that it's a perfect activity for bored people. Apparently it costs money to do a search for people you might know, so I didn't bother and let them find me instead. Decided to browse photo albums of random people to kill some time. Everyone can upload 3 photo's with a resolution of up to 300x400... And there's a voting system.

The amount of guys who think flexing in front of their cars is cool is disturbing.
The amount of guys who think pictures with unhealthy amount of alcohol in them are cool is silly.
The emos haven't spread. Yet.

The lack of the all time classic "middle finger" photo's is somewhat refreshing.

And I have a weird desire to watch the entire Child's Play series. Chucky's just too damn cure :>

Music:: Pixies - Gigantic

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From: maksi851222 Date: April 18th, 2007 06:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
Хм... Есть немало фоток где я фак показываю :) Так что всё так, как и всегда, просто знакомые твои в большинстве, видимо, ребячаться в основном и не знают, что машина ещё не значит, что ты крут, и что быть пьяным не значит быть взрослым. Короче, дети. Либо люди с низким уровнем интелллекта :)

Бляха, облажал, облажал... :D
sir_eldoran From: sir_eldoran Date: April 20th, 2007 11:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Не знакомые. У половины моих сзнакомых там - сделанный мной фотки :)

Это я так, смотрел популярный фоты...
2 Shadows Roam , Poke Me