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A really nice evening today. I was in a good mood, and I ended up having a great IM conversation.
I'll be sharing it with you :)

Eldoran: A pleasant time of the day, is it not?
ThePInkN1NJ4: I'll say
Eldoran: How would it be going for you, kind sir?
ThePInkN1NJ4: Pretty good, almost survived the first week of college.
Eldoran: Excellent! Glad to hear it!
ThePInkN1NJ4: And yourself?
Eldoran: Absolutely fantastic, so kind of you to ask
Eldoran: I met so many people I wanted so much to meet this summer. I can't quite believe this is real :)
Eldoran: And I'm watching a fantastic movie right now as well :D
ThePInkN1NJ4: Awesome
ThePInkN1NJ4: Which one?
Eldoran: A classmate I hadn't talked to in 3 years
Eldoran: A girl with whom I was communicating for 4 years over the Internet, but just couldn't believe such awesome people exist
Eldoran: The girl of my dreams on Monday and tomorrow :D
ThePInkN1NJ4: Cool.
ThePInkN1NJ4: I actually meant which movie ;)
Eldoran: And to top it off, I'm fairly sure Terry Pratchett is releasing a new book this September, Making Money, and he's going on a country wide book-signing tour. I think I might give it a shot :)
Eldoran: Ahh, eh, alright, Snow Cake
ThePInkN1NJ4: Cool, got to check that out.
Eldoran: Sort of about autism, at least one character is a high functioning autistic.
A very interesting view on life.
Eldoran: I kind of relate to that a fair bit. Been known to count stuff too much :)
ThePInkN1NJ4: I meant the Pratchett thing.
Eldoran: Pheh :)
ThePInkN1NJ4: What we have here is a failure to communicate ;-)
Eldoran: Guns and Roses - Civil War?

ThePInkN1NJ4: Did I tell you about my totally awesome, leather bound, bible looking version?
Eldoran: No >_>
Eldoran: but you're going to, right?
ThePInkN1NJ4: I have a totally awesome, leather bound, bible looking version of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Eldoran: http://stylinonline.stores.yahoo.net/hellsing4.html Out of stock/discontinued :'(
Eldoran: You barstard!
ThePInkN1NJ4: I believe a friend of mine has that shirt.
Eldoran: Is it XL?
ThePInkN1NJ4: Dunno
Eldoran: Hmm. Is he a close friend? Do you know his address? Would you miss him?
ThePInkN1NJ4: You could just steal it. He's pretty chaotic, so he'll probably think he's lost it.
ThePInkN1NJ4: One time, we went swimming and he lost his pants and we never found them again.
Eldoran: I believe that stealing is unethical
Eldoran: and it would, as a matter of fact, be a perfect time for you to borrow a large sum of money without long term consequences
ThePInkN1NJ4: He's a student and hasn't got any money.
Eldoran: Life is a cruel mistress
ThePInkN1NJ4: It would seem

And speaking about H2G2, this thing here is absolutely amazing http://www.douglasadams.com/creations/infocomjava.html
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