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IRC Log... - Eldoran: Shattered Images — LiveJournal
IRC Log...
*** Now talking in #general.
hi all
Hay Virus!
so, what's up?
I love Korol I Shut ^_^ Thanks for the tip :)
lol :)
do you even understand what they're singing about?
Nope :)
hehe :)
They sound awesome though :)

А нужны ли тут комментарии?

Mood:: ^_^
Music:: Ilaria Graziano - I Do

A Shadow Moves , Poke Me
maegnar From: maegnar Date: August 14th, 2004 03:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Какие такие "охрененные мысли" высказывают КиШы? :-/
A Shadow Moves , Poke Me