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Проснулся. Пришёл в себя. Думал записать события прошедшей недели. Решил сначала прочитать ленту. Ушло семь часов.

Сегодня я уже ничего не напишу, состояние френдицидное. :)

А утром настроение было таким:

[12:55] * Now talking in #sk
[12:55] * Topic is 'Rambo is from Britain | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nuw_hUwn8lk
[12:55] * Set by Sanchez on Wed Mar 12 13:33:32
[12:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Eldoran
[12:56] <+Eldoran> I might just have the worst hangover ever. And this is not metaphorical.
[12:57] <+Eldoran> I wouldn't try to type the things I was screaming at the point of waking up even here.
[12:58] <+Eldoran> And I think I may have earned an ounce of respect, verging on panic fear and deep psychological horror.
[12:59] <+Eldoran> And you're being fairly rude, on account of not showing any compassion to a person who's borderline delusional from the aftereffects of heavy alcohol consumption
[13:00] <+Eldoran> Very rude.
[13:00] <+Eldoran> In all seriousness, you probably [i]deserve[/i] my hangover at this point
[13:01] <+Eldoran> That's it. I feel insulted. I don't want to speak to you any more. Fairwell, ye barstards!
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