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Now that was weird! - Eldoran: Shattered Images — LiveJournal
Now that was weird!
Just got back from town, got to the comp... Launched WinAmp and was checking what had been downloading in my absence... This time - it was the second part of The Passion of the Christ. So, I decided to verify it and see how's the quality. I launch it in start watching... The scene is where Christ is all in blood and Pontius Pilatus (judge guy) is giving a speech to the crowd... And now the strange thing - I hear a familiar theme, some pleasant quite melody... Since I've seen the movie already - I fail to remember this being in the soundtrack. And then - I hear a deep Italian voice whispering something in Italian! Man, was I surprised, I really though I downloaded something wrong, or with a different Dub... Until I realised... I forgot to turn WinAmp :) The previous song must have had a quite and long ending - that's why I forgot it was still playing :-P The moment I started TPotC - Message to Harry Manback by Tool started playing ^_^ But it fit in so well, that I failed to realise what happened instantly :-) Was a funny surprise indeed!

Mood:: Tricked :)
Music:: Tool - Jimmy

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