Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

Just went through the computer hardware lecture... Boring as hell...
I suppose they might seem advanced and highly informative, but surely not for someone who's building his system for at least 5 years and has trophie MB's hanging on the wall...
The only challenging thing about the whole module, is the necessity to log my every single action on these lectures...
"Today I saw the 1337 h4X0r lecture dude open the computer case - yippy! Lots of cool looking thingies inside =]"
Half of my final mark depends on that!

I seriously hate writing, especially completely lame stuff as that...
Have my doubts about the lecturer as well... Can't really determine why is he referring to aspects of Intel processor's architecture. HT for example. I seriously doubt that people for whom the course seems to be intended understand a word of it. Is he trying to impress girls or something? He surely fails to impress pro's though. So he can say how much L2 cache memory was in Intel Itanium, but he speaks everything from one point of view. He only mentioned AMD once or twice, and as far as I'm concerned - AMD is way ahead in terms of performance/price. And HT - I really don't recall a single case where it gave any practical increase in performance. On the other hand - AMD is already working on processors with two physical chips inside. Well, enough of that. What I'm trying to say is that the dude is memorizing Intel's newsletters and trying to look smarter than he is.

One of the tasks I have to finish by the end of the semester seems like a joke. They gave me brief computer specs (1 GB Memory (Actual Quote)) and I have too look up suitable parts in England's stores. The key aspects of the tasks are:

Headings: Arial font bold 12 points
Main Text: New Times Roman font 11 points
Line spacing: 1.5
Left Justified
Left and right margins: 1.25 inches
Written in the third person

Anyway, 20% of my mark depends on that...

I get another 30% for a group project done by 4-5 people. Have to do a 5 minute powepoint presentation one one of the given subjects... Among the dozen topics I only a few where you get to write something creative instead of copying text from Intel's website... (I wonder if that's what we're expected to do?) Anyway, I guess I'll spend a few hours to write a decent article on one of the topics, try to shorten it down to 5 minutes (I demand at least half an hour damn it!) and let the pawns do the conversion to powerpoint... In exchange for a copy of worklog naturally. ;-)

Looks well on paper, but in reality it'll probably be tons of wasted time when I could have been sleeping or doing something actually useful...

Java class doesn't seem to be as fun as I hoped it would be... It seems good when I tried to get used to the syntax, but now it looks as if it won't be any fun for the next month or two... Going through all the programming basics starting from zero... And I have to read 200+ pages in the big bad Java book just to learn a few pages of useful data... Not fun.

Btw, just to enhance the impression of my hardware lectures - the lecturer tends to use, and ties to make us use terms like kibibytes and gibibytes. You might want to google it up. Sucks royal ass...

Oh, and it seems that ATI catalyst 4.10 is out... Best quote - 5-9% performance increase on Radeon 9700 PRO ^_^ yay!

I'll go get some sleep now... If someone tries to wake me up - I'll tear his ass into a British flag!
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