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Your ass is now officially an endangered specie!

Now that yesterdays is officially yesterday in most time zones I care about, and my BDay is officially over... I will present overall BDay stats...

Been congratulated by... Two people total (Thanks, you know who you are, I really appreciate that).
Among them, about 0% managed to do it personally (Not that I mind though).
BDay celebration included a... Trip to McDonald's...
Best event on BDay... About 4.5 hours of sleep...
Best gift... -_- It better be there when I check the mailbox...

Now then, if for some legitimate reason (Plane crash, Ebola infection, huge-ass meteor hitting your comp, urgent brain transplantation, being called to defend truth and justice throughout the galaxy... well, something that couldn't wait until some other day) you were unable to congratulate me and preferably present a gift, you have time till Friday to present a written reason along with proper witnessing documents and a formal apology. Otherwise you will be dealt with in a most unappealing to you way. And believe me, teletubies are angles compared to what I can do to your ass when I'm angry.

You HAVE been warned.
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