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The Horror!

I'm serious about this, if you don't understand what the below conversation is about - you're an extremely lucky person. Don't click any links or do an image search!
На полном серьёзе - если вы не в курсе о чём разговор внизу - ни ищите терминов в гугле и не нажимайте на ссылки.

Edit: And better not read it at all!
И вообще лучше не читайте!

<Ayreon> http://www.bash.org/?421516 lol
<Cere4l> need to be there 1:30
<Cere4l> so i need to go 37 minutes ago
<Ayreon> Aha.
<X-Virus> holy crap!
<X-Virus> I almost had a heart attack!
<X-Virus> didn't know what goatse is...
<X-Virus> did a google image search...
<Ayreon> XD
<X-Virus> warn!
<Cere4l> ...
<Cere4l> idiot
<Ayreon> I should go and get money :-\
<Cere4l> theres a reason noone lies goatse and has traumas of it virus
<Cere4l> but that didnt stop you?
<Ayreon> :goatse:
*** Udrs|I-Am-Rank-2 (~aufwc@25976594.ED2230EA.541147D3.IP) has joined channel #general
<Ayreon> http://img2.paintedover.com/uploads/2/emotgoatse.gif
<X-Virus> Cere4l> em, rephrase that, I'm a little slow in the head today
<X-Virus> something tells me I don't want to click that
<Ayreon> Cere4l thinks that you have at least heard of Goatse, and that you know that nobody likes goatse and everyone who has seen it has traumas of it, so he's wondering why you still looked.
<Ayreon> It's a emoticon, nothing too disgusting, unless you're afraid of small cartoon ass.
<X-Virus> nope, haven't heard or seen it before
<X-Virus> I kind of thought it was a small goat
<Ayreon> That's why Cere4l's "advice" was a bit...weird.
<Cere4l> O_O
<Cere4l> not heard about goatse?
<X-Virus> what!
* Cere4l searches bluesky images
<Ayreon> www.tubgirl.com , www.adorablebunnies.com/bluesky.jpg
<X-Virus> I';ll kill you >_<
<Ayreon> Remember when I was banned?
<X-Virus> me? no, but I can see a possible reason
<Ayreon> Well, I was banned for posting a link to www.goat.cx :-(
<Ayreon> BCart has no sense of humour :-(
<Udrs|I-Am-Rank-2> hehe
*** Udrs|I-Am-Rank-2 is now known as Cephalaspis
*** Mode change "+v Cephalaspis" for channel #general by ChanServ
*** Cephalaspis is now known as Phaeton
<Phaeton> XP
<Ayreon> In less than 45 minutes I have a driver's lesson. I still have to have breakfast and I don't have the money yet either.
<Ayreon> I live my life on THE EDGE!
<Phaeton> Grr...
<X-Virus> nah, you don't "extreme iron"...
* Phaeton needs driving license, but is lazy
* X-Virus does't bother
<Phaeton> Why...
<X-Virus> come one, they're driving on the wrong side of the road!
<X-Virus> in huge quantities
<Phaeton> I would get free time from my job for drivers lessons
<Phaeton> X-Virus ROFL XD
<Ayreon> But they wouldn't pay you for the time you take off, I assume.
<X-Virus> as of now - i'm quite happy I got used to looking right, than left
<Ayreon> When I was in London I almost got hit by a car :-(
<Phaeton> X-Virus, probably the worst think in UK for european driver is traffic circle...
<Phaeton> No? =P
<X-Virus> I'm to scared to imagine
*** Phaeton has left #general
*** Phaeton (~aufwc@25976594.ED2230EA.541147D3.IP) has joined channel #general
*** Mode change "+v Phaeton" for channel #general by ChanServ
<X-Virus> still can't get over the fact that goatse doesn't refer to those small goats Brett uses in her avatars *shivers*
<X-Virus> on the other hand... I only found out that child porn is not porn for children a year ago...
<Phaeton> O.o
<Phaeton> vaikishka pornografija XD
<X-Virus> sounds alright, how should I know
<Phaeton> lol
<X-Virus> it's not like they teach that in school
<Phaeton> Our schools are too much conservative... You know...
<X-Virus> some things I'd rather not know
<Ayreon> Okay, time to go.
<Ayreon> Later gang.
<X-Virus> see ya
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