Eldoran (sir_eldoran) wrote,

No major updates yet.

I'm planning to do a major one when I get back to Luton. It won't be a likely thing to happen one bit earlier.

Among the minor things then...

Creative Zen Touch is great! Battery can last for weeks with the way I use it, but the weak part is - it dies quite quickly when synchronised with a PC (Major HDD usage?). Anyway, makes one hate USB 1.1... Spoiled some plans I'd have to say.
Meanwhile I discovered that the soft foam earphone caps are extremely easy to wash! They should have mentioned it in the manual. On the other hand, maybe they prefer people buying packs with hundreds of replacements...

Hmm, what else...
Right... I got a copy of the video footage which some hired professional made during the end of school celebration... How can you make a footage that bad with the equipment that good? Seriously! It took over six months to release it! I'd expect matrix special fx's to be made with that much time. It's totally painful to watch >_<

Anyway, I can't do a New Years update, I'm waiting to get the rest of the photos, and I guess this one alone explains that I wasn't the one to get the best pics...

That's all for today then...
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