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Reading update...

Finished reading Frankenstein in a hurry... Harry Potter A.K.A. guy from a photo from my previous post asked for it so I decided I'd get rid of the burden a bit faster than I planned to.
Anyway, the book was only semi-interesting. It covers plenty of moral issues, but the whole concept of creating artificial life is concealed and not one bit is explained. A LOT of technical issues contradict each other without proper explanation :-/ The language the whole thing is written in is not a very nice one either. It's the ridiculously polite overloaded with pointless adjectives 19th century's English. To be honest, I haven't seen the movies... Yet... But the most remembered concepts like the famous "It's Alive!" "Igor - Pull the lever!" and such appear to be non-existent in the book -_- Am I confusing something now? Anyway, the book is 6.5 out of 10, no more. About time to switch to something else...

Which would be... Clockwork Orange... Astonishing!
I've only started reading the introduction, but my head already hurts more than after exams ^_^ Painful and magnificent in one crazy mix :-P Apparently the author, Anthony Burgess was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in 59 and had less than a year to live according to the doctors... He finished this book in 62 and appeared to be a bit sad when he saw how it appeared to cast a shadow on his later work after it was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick in 72 >_< A persistant dude indeed. A decent part of the book is written in nadsat... I wonder if fille_timide is aware that she uses it :-P Nadsat appears to be some wicked mix of English and Russian slang, and knowing Russian surely helps me to read it, although it does make my brain hurt -_-
But is was always the same on the old nogas - real horrorshow bolshy big boots for kicking litsos in.
Meh, skin-gullivers ^_^
I think I'll be enjoying the book... A lot!
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