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Releasing software... With a style...

Taken from http://virtualdub.com/ :

VirtualDub 1.6.3 released

I decided to start playing Final Fantasy VIII again this last weekend while feeling a bit under the weather. It's grown on me over the years; I liked it a lot more once I realized that summoning Guardian Forces repeatedly was the most mind-numbingly boring way to play the game (which is why some call FF8 the best movie ever made for the PSX) and also that I'd missed half the GFs the first time around. You can get them again, but I'd hit a roadblock the first time I played at the endgame. Out of curiosity I went back and tried beating that game, and it took me over an hour just to beat the first boss. So I restarted and did some good ole' fashioned minmaxing. I still haven't bothered with the card game, however, as it's too annoying to collect cards for a card game that I habitually lose in between hours of fighting.

After getting GF Tonberry, though, I decided to take a break and release version 1.6.3 of VirtualDub. This release is still experimental and has yet more improvements to the capture module, but only has regression bug fixes for the edit module. Pound on it and let me know the results. Read on for capture specifics....
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