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Ok, some of you might remember the story which began with:
"In any case. Have you ever had the feeling that life is just trying to fuck up all of your plans? Yep, that does happen. I've been planning another trip to Lithuania for Easter holidays. Wanted to buy the tickets while they're still cheap...
Attempt one - website is screwed up and won't allow me to get any flight information. Pah.
Attempt two - website gets fixed, but my credit card gets locked by my bank for no reason at all >_<. Pah.
Attempt three - I get a friend with a working credit card to come over to my place and help me out... The airline sever goes down... Meh?
To be continued... Blah!"

Now then, recent status update.
Still can't get my credit card to work! What I've tried:
I've logged into banks secure online banking system through which I can easily transfer all my funds to some terorist support fund in Iraq without any problems, started the secure mailing system, which works in the banks secure inner network and contacted customer support centre. Appears that I'm entering incorrect security code. Crap! I've entered the 3 freaking numbers over a dozen times and never got it wrong! Just 3 numbers! I think I can recreate my credit cards 16 digit number! I can recreate my mobile phone's 11 digit number, but it appears I forgot 3 digits of security code >_< So then, I contact them again, through the secure systems, secure mailing which uses secure inned network and ask for my passoword, now that I can't remember it. The reply I get is - we can't release private information publicly! x_x And apparently I'll have to come to any local bank branch and ask for it myself. The only problem with that would be me being in England, and any possible local bank branch nowhere outside Lithuania >_<
Well, I've tried sending my mum to the bank with my second passport (ID card), but that didn't work, not that I expected much from that, and naturally - there's nothing wrong with the banking system...
What's I'm doing now, is using the secure mail thing and sending something similar to "My security code is 123 - just f* say that I'm f* wrong!"

Not that making my card work is the only way though. Now that www.airbaltic.com is back online, the guy with a working card came over. And pah! It's screwed up again! The trick with the website is that depending on your luck, time of day, position of venus and a few random factors - whenever you select desired tickets, tick the "I've read the policy blah blah blah" box and press continue - it'll send you back to the main page! And if you're lucky to get there - it might take several hours to get back to normal functioning! Depending on which is normal and which is broken that is. How the f* can a airline have such a website in the first place? Seriously! Retarded! And the funniest thing is - during the time it was either off-line, or didn't work properly - two two-way tickets jumped in price from 140 to 308 pounds! Hilarious, isn't it? I shifted dates a bit and got down to 186, which is still a rip-off compared to what I intended to buy in the first place... CRAP. I am SO writing a complaint letter. The funny thing is - it'll probably go to the website developers or admin, who quite probably doesn't give a f*...

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